How it works

1. Dough Mixing

Basic ingredients such as wheat flour, improver, yeast and water are mixed to form a dough.

2. Dividing & Rounding

The dough is then divided into preset portions and sent to the rounder.

3. Intermediate Proofing

The rounded dough are dusted with flour and left to rest in the intermediate proofer to prepare them for moulding.

4. Dough Moulding

After resting, the dough pieces are put through the moulder and transfer into the baking tins and trays for final proofing.

5. Final Proofing

The dough pieces are then sent to the proofer box for final fermentation.

6. Baking

The proofed dough is baked in the oven chamber.

7. Depanning

The bread are depanned automatically.

8. Cooling

The bread are then left to cool in the cooling tower.

9. Before slicing

Temperature of the bread loaves is checked before slicing.

10. Slicing

Bread is sliced automatically.

11. Packing

The sliced bread is packed and tagged with date code automatically.

12. Delivery

Bread is then finally ready for delivery.