Made with Premium Canadian Anthograins™

At Sunshine Bakeries, quality is believed to be the highest form of value. With over 85 years of baking experience, Sunshine Bakeries has acquired sound technical capabilities and baking expertise to allow the bakery to produce higher quality bread. Part of its expertise is the ability to source for top-grade, premium ingredients.

When Sunshine first conceptualized an Extra Fine wholemeal bread, the R&D team aimed to create a whole-grain bread so fine, it looked ‘grainless’. The crumb texture would be smooth and extends all the way to an even, golden crust.

To create such a bread, Sunshine chose a premium grain – the Canadian Anthograin™. The Anthograin™ is an ancient grain which originates from East Africa. It provides a distinct malted flavour to give our bread a rich taste despite a smooth texture. The Anthograin™ is specially sprouted to increase its digestibility and nutrient absorption. These whole-grain kernels are then gently roasted and milled to produce aromatic, fine-free flowing flour which creates the bread’s signature Extra Fine texture.

According to the U.S. Whole Grains Council, the premier authority on whole-grains, the next evolution in healthier food lies in sprouted whole-grains. Ms Cynthia Harriman, Director of Food & Nutrition Strategies of the U.S. Whole Grains Council says, “Sprouted grains are gentler on our digestion, have higher level of fibre, folate, vitamins, and minerals.”

The Sunshine Extra Fine Sprouted Wholemeal Bread bears the Health Promotion Board’s (HPB) Healthier Choice Higher in Whole Grains symbol for meeting the board’s Healthier Choice requirements. In addition, the bread also has the distinction of being the first product in Asia to be endorsed by the U.S. Whole Grains Council and exceeds 27g of whole-grains per serving.