Grilled Steak Sandwich

This hearty, delicious sandwich is for all the meat lovers! The steak can be grill over a open fire or in doors on a grill pan!



1. Season the steak generously with salt and black pepper

2. Place a large non-stick heavy-bottomed pan on a high heat, once hot, drizzle olive oil on the steak and put it into the pan and cook for 1 min on each side for medium, or to your liking.

3. Remove to a plate and let rest for 1 minute.


4. Slice the steak into 1cm thick slices and toss through its resting juices.

5. Spread mustard on a slice of toasted bread, add a slice of cheese, a few slices of the steak.

6. Finally top with some greens.

7. You can serve it as it is or cover it with another slice of bread.