Ham _ Cheese Bear Club Sandwich

Ham & Cheese Bear Club Sandwich

1 Regular straw
1 Bottle cap
Heart shape cutter (or other preferred design)
Small scissors

1. Cut bread, ham and cheese to 4 equal pieces.

2. Stack them in the following:
Bread, Cheese, Bread, Ham.

3. Press out heart shape on 1 square piece of bread, put on top of ham to reveal a pink heart. Repeat for another stack.

4. To make the puppy’s face, use bottle cap to press out a circle cheese and regular straw for 2 circle cheeses. Add the facial features with nori shapes cut out (or use facial features puncher if available).

5. Use scissors to cut out puppy ears on bread crust. Affix ears to 1 piece of square bread with raw spaghetti. Add the cheese cut outs.

6. Serve with boiled broccoli and strawberries.