Rainbow Wanpaku Sandwich

Rainbow Wanpaku Sandwich

1. Heat a frying pan (or a Tamago-yaki pan) and add 2 teaspoons of oil.

2. Add ½ tablespoon of water to 2 eggs. Season with salt and white pepper and whisk to combine.

3. Fry the egg mixture and cut horizontally into 2 pieces.

4. Slice the hams into halves to get 4 pieces. Fold each piece into half and overlap them in a row.

5. Spread butter on both slices of bread.

6. On 1 bread, layer the following:
Purple Cabbage, tomato slices, 1 piece of egg omelette, ham, coral lettuce. Topped with another slice of bread.

7. Use a clingwrap to wrap the sandwich, make a marking on direction to slice. Leave to chill in fridge.

8. Before serving, remove clingwrap and replace with wax paper (optional). Slice sandwich in half and serve with assorted fruits/nuts.