Sweet Mayo Floss Bears

Sweet Mayo Floss Bears

3 Mini muffin cups
1 Bubble tea straw
1 Regular straw
1 Bottle cap
Small scissors

1. Combine condensed milk and mayo together. Adjust sweetness to your preference.

2. Use scissors to make a 2cm cut on each corner of bread, this makes forming a bread ball easier.

3. Lay a piece of clingwrap under the bread, put some sweet mayo in the middle of bread and add about 1 tablespoon of floss. Gather the corners and twist slightly to form a ball shape. Wrap with clingwrap. Repeat for the other 2 slices of bread.

4. For each bear, use bubble tea straw to press out 2 circles on bread crust. Use regular straw to press out 2 circles on cheese slice and 1 bigger circle with bottle cap.

5. Use a small scissors to cut out facial features and place them on cheese cut outs (or use a facial feature puncher if available)

6. Remove clingwrap, position the bread balls on mini muffin cups, put the facial features on them. Affix the ears with raw spaghetti.

7. Serve with boiled broccoli and fruits.