NEW Sunshine Pandan Cream Buns

Pandan, Gula Melaka and Kaya are some staple flavours that hold a sweet spot in every Singaporeans’ heart. Sunshine injects a little bit of euphoric bliss with the launch of the all new Pandan cream buns which come in the form of two local favourites – Gula Melaka and Kaya Butter.

Baked fresh in Singapore, the new range of cream buns add to Sunshine’s fluffy arsenal of soft, pillowy cream buns – This time with a Pandan twist. The delectable buns are high in Iron, Vitamins and enriched with probiotics making them the perfect guilt-free snack.

Made with authentic gula melaka, the Pandan Gula Melaka is Sunshine’s reinterpretation of the beloved ‘Ondeh Ondeh’. Bursting with flavour, the gula melaka creams’ smokey sweet flavour is complemented by the soft fluffy pandan bun.

Another local favourite? Kaya, the traditional coconut jam is a quintessential breakfast staple found in every household and hawker centre. The Pandan Kaya Butter cream bun is a unique combination of SCS butter and luscious, custardy authentic kaya sandwiched in between a pandan bun.

Affordably priced at SGD$1 each, the all new cream buns are the perfect way to indulge in these tantalising local flavours. Now available at major supermarkets and convenience stores.